The Core Ways in Which Tech is Changing Business

September 24, 2018

Technology plays a pivotal role in all of our lives in 2018. Whether is at home, at work or out and about –  almost everything we do involves using tech, be it directly or inadvertently.

When in comes to business, tech is helping us all be more productive, efficient and eco friendly. This article looks exactly what impact technology is having on business.

Analytical Advances

To keep up with consumer trends, get a real grasp of business movements and track KPIs efficiently, you need analytical software that is advanced and reliable.

All sectors, including b2b markets and b2c make use of analytical software and technology. From Google analytics to IBM Advanced Analytics Software, analytical advances are more important than they have it ever has been.

Artificial Intelligence

Whenever artificial intelligence is mentioned the world seems to think of robots taking over and everyone losing their jobs to computers. This is, however, a long way off! A.I is actually massively benefitting the world of business.

A.I can  help with a number of aspects of business. It has the ability to provide accurate completion of ‘routine manual’ skills far quicker that humans can manually. It can help by improving analytical results to create a more customised user experience, predict customer behaviour and enable 24/7 customer support.

This year is expected to be the year that the A.T technology heats up and hits desks as it has proven itself as a valuable and effective way to perform routine tasks in a variety of industries.

Tech in Traditional Markets

While many businesses, especially those in the FMCG sector have utilised technology for the last decade, it’s relatively new for a number of business sectors. Take the real estate market for example, which are rarely first in line when it comes to innovation. Smart tech is beginning to be used around the world to enhance the consumer experience of buying property.

Consumers shop for their insurance via apps these days, so why not a mortgage? New technology could soon be around the corner for estate agents, residential property developers and home-buyers alike.


More tech and digitalisation means less paper! Paperless technology growing is even starting to make headway into industries that rely heavily on paperwork such as the the healthcare sector and legal services.

This is great for the planet, but also for businesses in sectors in which “going green” is admired and sets them apart.

There’s no denying that technology plays a huge part in our lives, both at home and work. Tech is, and will continue to change the business world and the way we operate for the better.