Composites Science And Know-how

August 13, 2018

The CST serves the College by catalyzing and supporting intellectual exchange, interdisciplinary analysis, excellent programs, and multidisciplinary collaboration that broaden participation in and appreciation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). When making an attempt to answer the query ‘What is the meaning of science and technology?’ we’ve to view science as the research of the pure world while technology needs to be seen as the examine of how one can manipulate the natural world with a purpose to go well with and technology

The way forward for Nanotechnology tools, recent analysis and growth has brought onto the scientific scene the following generation of strategies and instruments that can enable us to understand and discover the nano-world in a significantly better approach than we’re capable of do at present.

“Green Engineering” program,offered by Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is designed to study electrical and mechanical engineering abilities to help develop power conservation technology, efficient energy era and distribution and energy transmission.

The study of the basic ideas of Nanotechnology, its future implications and its benefits, made it desirable to put a case forward for substantial undergraduate and postgraduate programmes on this area, as an important half in rushing up the acceptance of this sort of expertise among the common public and, more importantly, to supply a nanotechnologist educated elite for various industries and and technology

About eighty five per cent of the funds meant for science and technology are given by the federal government, though the private sector are contributing in direction of the event of this sector, it is still minimal compared to what the government is and technology