How Machine Learning Is Changing Businesses

September 23, 2018

If there’s a subject that is attracting every single sector within the tech industry, that would be Machine Learning. Many are, in fact, the companies and the developers who are trying to implement machine-based applications into processes that are heavily relying on manual workforces (warehouses and office administration in particular.)

With that in mind, it’s clear that machine learning is seen as a threat from people who are worried about the future of their jobs, with the big question “Am I going to be replaced with a computer?”. Let’s break down the subject with examples.

The Automotive Industry

Infotainments and security are two of the biggest subject when it comes to machine learning applied to the automotive industry. With many examples such as TESLA’s autopilot and Volvo’s pilot assistant, it’s clear how the industry is moving towards the machine learning development side of the onboard technologies. This is definitely something that will hardly impact the way the automotive industry works, given the fact that many companies are developing driverless vehicles that will be launched soon for a beta testing.

The Mobile Industry

Many iOS app development and Android app development experts are saying that the future of mobile will follow a simple word: automation. Machine learning will, in fact, be introduced in those apps that want to adapt to certain clients’ requests and needs, automatically understanding what they want and how they want it. Google-based applications are the perfect examples of the above statement. With apps like Google Maps, which is moving towards the VR and AR route, the implementation of machine-coded features will definitely be a game changer.

The Gaming Industry

VR and AR are two trends that are dominating game development studios all over the world, given the fact that VR peripherals have considerably dropped their prices, becoming an industry standard, almost. This is a fantastic opportunity for a savvy machine learning developer with the passion for video games, given the fact that a lot of triple-A studios are hiring for development positions all over the world.

To Conclude

These are just three simple examples of how machine learning and AI will change three major businesses, but, in the end, we will definitely be able to see bigger players adapting to the matter, given the fact that machine-based industries are having a lot of success, even if the technology is pretty expensive to develop and maintain. The future is indeed automated, then.