The Right Technology was Used by the Supply Chain Industry in the New Normal Era

September 16, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought cross-sectoral industries to realize how important supply chain efficiency is, especially in conditions and situations that can quickly change unexpectedly. Not to mention the uncertain economic conditions. Employees who work in the supply chain industry cannot completely divert their work activities at home because they have to distribute products to customers.

Digital transformation in the supply chain industry has also been implemented by many companies. However, with the demands of the New Normal era, it will increasingly encourage companies to accelerate the adoption of digital technology to make business more efficient. Here are some technologies that can be used by the supply chain industry in facing the New Normal in Indonesia.

1. Managed SD-WAN

The use of robots or sensors in supply chain company warehouses is commonplace. Given the activities in companies that must prioritize health protocols, the use of robots and sensors is likely to be increasingly reliable.

It should be realized that the use of this technology requires strong connectivity support to databases and applications in the cloud and the data center. In other words, it requires a next-generation network that is agile, cost-effective, and secure. To meet these needs, SD-WAN solutions can be a reliable solution.

Teldat, which is well known as a leading SD-WAN provider, can be taken into consideration if your company needs SD-WAN technology to support your business in the New Normal era.

2. Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The flow of listing goods in the supply chain industry now depends on the Cloud. Other data related to the company is also stored on cloud computing services. Cloud infrastructure can help supply chain businesses to oversee the shipping process at any stage to minimize product loss. If something goes wrong with the product, the company can immediately take action as quickly and effectively as possible.

3. Intelligent Growth Analytics

During a pandemic and facing the New Normal, it doesn’t mean that companies stop marketing activities. This activity still needs to take place even though the channels are likely to be routed digitally more. This needs to be taken to strengthen the company’s business even though people’s purchasing power and customer behavior in shopping have changed.

4. Thermal CCTV

Internally, companies must implement health protocols as recommended by WHO so that products can be received by customers in good condition. One of the preventive efforts that can be done is to check the employee’s body temperature via Thermal CCTV. This solution can be used to monitor the body temperature of employees and visitors without any interaction.

5. Attendance application

Another solution that can support companies to implement health protocols internally is an attendance application. This application can help companies monitor employee work. With this application, employees can see what tasks need to be done while minimizing the number of employees in the same location.